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04 09 09 >

We´re forced to cancel this years Fun & Crust Festival – we´re deeply sorry but another date will be set up around Unterhausen.

22 07 09 >

This coming friday (july 24) RAUNCHY will be DJ´ing at LOPPEN, Copenhagen among Pilgrimz and The Psyke Project – more info here!!!

13 07 09 >

If it hasn´t caught your attention we did a video for "Warriors" months ago – available here.

Pre-production for the forthcoming fifth album has also begun. A lot of new ideas has come to life and things are shaping up really well. Eventhough we´re still in the very early stages we´re trying new things and it feels really cool. Still too early to give you an exact idea on the whole thing but it will be more of everything we´ll promise. No release date yet but within the next month we´ll be more specific when the next album expect to surface.

We´ll be also playing som festivals around Europe. Next up is 2 shows in Germany: Krach Am See in Erkner (July 17) and Baden In Blut in Loerrach July 18) – be there.

14 03 09 >

Lights, Camera, Revolution...

News from the RAUNCHY camp. Two weeks ago we filmed a video for "Warriors" with award winning director Andreas Krohn and his fantastic crew. Since we haven´t done any official musicvideo since the "Watch Out" video years ago we wanted to make something really cool with the band playing but with a storyline attached to it - below is a small diary

After picking up the van and a (shitty) PA System at Aage we met at our (shitty) rehearsal room at 19 to load our gear and drive to the old TV BYEN in Soeborg to meet with instructor Andreas Krohn and his crew. We arrived at the same time as our endorser MUSIKPARTNER who was in charge of delivering 20 guitar cabinets - all just for looks HE HE. Maybe it´s an old cliché with a huge guitarwall but it looks really cool no mather what. After unloading our gear and unpacking all the cabinets we quickly put up the gear in order to be all set for
some serious neck-breaking action early next morning.

As I (Lars) had the van I picked up Kasper and Jesper Tilsted in order to be on the set as sheduled. When we arrived everything was ready and set to go and the huge guitarwall was positioned in a V-shape - very cool. After consuming coffee, some fruit and bread with "paalaegschokolade" everybody was in the "make-up" chair trying to look as "young" and fresh as possible - hard job ;-) Around 10.30 we began to shoot the first performance parts but as the PA we borrowed the night before was way too shitty for blasting through the sound of Morten´s drums we had to get a new PA. 1 hour later, our man Rasmus (Musikpartner) came with a kick-ass PA system and everything was in it´s right place and we were ready to rock again. While waiting for the new PA we thought it would be a great idea to start the morning with some Vodka, Jägermeister and Whiskey just to get in the right mood for being silly on the set.

WOW... once again alcohol seems to be a saviour and we were on fire. After playing the song only 3 times Jesper, Jesper and I had blood all over our fingers and blood was dripping from our fingers as we´ve been beating so hard on our guitars - that´s metal. After a couple of hours we had a nice lunch and guess what.. BOOZE. To spice up things we went to the local grocery store to get some beers in order to be as "fit" as possible for the next performance part.

Our performance parts was divided into two different set-ups. A part where you see our ugly mugs and another part which shows the band performing in silouettes - it will turn out very cool Andreas assured ;-) Ah.. did I mention that Kasper had this "camera-body-suit-kind-of-thing" attached to his body?? Well, after only 10 minutes he managed to break this nice invention but the show had to go on. After several takes Andreas was as happy as he could be and we were DONE!!! What better way to celebrate this than to have another beer.

We weren´t supposed to be in front of the camera this day but Kasper was up for a little bit of camera action early in the morning. With his hair set back as a very young Jack Nicholsen he did his thing quiet and professional. Around noon we met at this club in Copenhagen where part of the story was to be filmed. Personally I was blown away by all the people and the activity at the location. I don´t want to reveal too much about the video other than it´s going to be very COOL so you´ll have to wait a few weeks. Hey wait a minute; Dina Jewel (you might know her guys) has a small role in the video so maybe that will get you excited HE HE ;-) Pictures from the videoshoot HERE!!

22 11 08 >

The first dates for 2009 have been added:

29.01.09 - Pier 2, Bremen - Germany (...with our friends in VOLBEAT)

30.01.09 - Werk 2, Leipzig - Germany (...with our friends in VOLBEAT)
03.07.09 - With Full Force Festival, Loebnitz - Germany.

14.08.09 - Summer Breeze Festival, Dinkelsbühl - Germany.

More dates will be added as soon as they get confirmed. Also a Skandinavian Tour will see the light of day around may/june 2009 so stay tuned.

15 10 08 >

We´re nominated in 3 categories at this years DMeA (Danish Metal Awards)

- Album of the year
- Best production
- Best live act

The award show will take place on november 15 at Amager Bio, Copenhagen Denmark. We´ll be heading out for a small european tour from november 5-13 - hope to see some RAUNCHY-heads. See the tourdates in the "TOUR" section.

14 09 08 >

Back after a mindblowing second weekend of the Headbangers Ball Tour. Due to work Kasper had to cancel his appearance with us yesterday at Studenterhuset, Aalborg. As we didn´t want to cancel our show we asked our good friends René "Mondeo/Jeg kører lige efter billig benzin" & Mikkel (Mercenary), Jacob Bredahl (Last Mile) & Laurits (Last Mile) to do the vocal job and DAMN they did great. Thank you so very much guys... it´s a night to remember.... GREAT FUN :-)

We will be touring Germany, The Netherlands & Switzerland from November 5-15 so don´t miss the chance to catch us live. Next up is the third weekend of the Headbangers Ball tour so come join the scene in Esbjerg and Slagelse.

28 07 08 >

We´re on the cover of Chinese PAINKILLER Magazine this month - great ;-) See some nice Roskilde pictures, by the always great Jacob Dinesen, here:

RAUNCHY live at Roskilde Festival 2008

15 07 08 >

Finally our merch is sold over at GAFFAShop. We will also be having nice new designs ready for the Headbangers Ball tour in september and these new designs will also be available at GAFFAShop.

02 07 08 >

Yesterday "Wasteland Discotheque"was released in Europe - so visit your local record store and buy this masterpiece ;-)

This coming friday we´re playing at the Roskilde Festival. We will play at 12.00 CEST. at the Odeon stage so don´t miss the chance to get up early, drink some beer, get wasted and see RAUNCHY live.

Remember to bring you flags and banners and wave ém in the air ;-)

Official RAUNCHY merchandise at Roskilde will be sold at GAFFA Shop from friday. An official signing session will take place at "Roskilde CD-Shop" which is 'bag tribunen" friday at 14.00 - so step by and say hello.

12 06 08 >

We´ll be playing the Greenpit Festival in Tallinn, Estonia on october 17-18.

09 06 08 >

Hell´o all RAUNCHY-heads. Be sure to show up at the release party for "Wasteland Discotheque" on june 14 at 20 CEST. We will be playing the new album along with a nice competition. Don´t miss the chance to hang out and drink your brain out this night. Show up 20 CEST. at:

Lades Kælder
Kattesundet 6
1458 Copenhagen K

If you´re not going to be there the whole "Wasteland Discotheque" album is being streamed on our myspace here.

A few pictures from our recent gig at SPOT in Aarhus, DK are up here. Thank you to a great crowd - you rule.


01 06 08 >

Above you see a shirt you can order via www.targetshop.dk - go buy this limited summer shirt. Lifeforce Records have also made a cool preorder deal go buy it here

Remember the release party on june 14 at Lades Kælder, Copenhagen - Denmark.

14 05 08 >

Back from a super nice trip to China. There are so much to tell and we´ll make a small report with loads of pictures and video from our journey. We would like to thank: SCHECTER Guitars, China (Gao Bo aka. BOB "You want icecream?") All the dudes from Painkiller Magazine (Freddy, Yang, Zack etc. etc.) The MIDI Festival guys, Martin Røen, Torben and Maria and generally all of you who took care of us and all the people who came to see us - YOU RULE.

The video for "Phantoms" is up here - enjoy.

28 04 08 >

A short update before we leave for China today. We´ve set up a blog so we´ll be posting some diary stuff from China if we have a proper internet access that is. Read the blog here

12 04 08 >

Heyyyyy Folks.Time for some updates since it has been ages since we did the last one. The new album is all done so now you only have to wait for the new album to hit the streets.

The album will see the light of day on June 16 exclusively for Denmark (...watch out for a release party on june 14 at Lades in Copenhagen). European release will be june 30 and a US release will be july 7.

From april 28 to may 10 we will be in China to play 5 shows which will be absolutely awesome. Unfortunately Kasper cannot be a part of this due to unforseen work. Kasper is truely and deeply sorry he´s going to sit out these dates. So who´s going do stand-in for Kasper? We´ve asked a good friend named Morten Kruger. Kruger is the mainman screaming his lungs out in the danish metalact MEVADIO (go check ´em out www.mevadio.com - gooood stuff)

A video for "Phantoms" of the Death Pop Romance album was filmed at the sold out show on december 2 2007 at Store VEGA, Copenhagen Denmark and will soon be ready for viewing - more on that later.

RAUNCHY Live in China 2008:
April 30 - 13 Club - Tianjin, China
May 1 - MIDI Festival - Beijing, China
May 2 - Midnight Sunlight - Shenyang, China
May 6 - VOX Bar - Wuhan, China
May 9 - Yugong Yishan - Beijing, China (with Soilwork)

June 6 - SPOT Festival - Aarhus, Denmark
June 28 - Kløften Festival - Haderslev, Denmark
July ?? - Roskilde Festival - Roskilde, Denmark

Headbangers Ball Tour 2008:
(Last Mile, Pilgrimz, RAUNCHY, Mercenary)
Sept. 4 - AMAGER BIO, Copenhagen
Sept. 5 - GIMLE, Roskilde
Sept. 6 - TRAIN, Aarhus
Sept. 11 - POSTEN, Odense
Sept. 12 - FERMATEN, Herning
Sept. 13 - STUDENTERHUSET, Aalborg
Sept. 19 - TOBAKKEN, Esbjerg
Sept. 20 - MUSIKHUSET, Slagelse
Sept. 26 - DEN GL. SPORTSHAL, Nakskov
Sept. 27 - GODZZFEST, Kolding.

01 12 07 >

Tomorrow we´ll play our last show for 2007. This will be at a SOLD OUT show in Store VEGA in Copenhagen, Denmark with The Bones and VOLBEAT. Be there from the very start as we´ll play from 20.00 to 20.45. See you ;-)

21 10 07 >

We will enter Jacob Hansen Studios on february 11 2008 and be there for 3 weeks to record the next album. So far 11 songs has taken it´s final form and we´ll spend the coming months to finalize details, and generally just do some "layering" to give each song the right atmosphere.

Furthermore we have a release date for the forthcoming and yet untitled new album which is: JUNE 30 2008.

10 10 07 >

We´re nominated for best "LIVE band" at this years Danish Metal Awards (DMeA) which takes place november 17 at Amager Bio in Copenhagen, Denmark. This "LIVE Band" category is based upon votes from you. SO... Send an email to this address live2007@danishmetal.dk writing the band name + your address to support RAUNCHY. Thank you.

23 09 07 >

We are going to play at Belsepub in Gothenburg, Sweden on october 26 - be there for some red and white live action. The show at Store VEGA with VOLBEAT in December is SOLD OUT ;-) Last but not least ....Put on your dancing shoes and be at these dates below:

- Stengade 30, Copenhagen, Denmark - 27.09.07
- Godzzfest, Kolding, Denmark - 28.09.07
- Forbrændingen, Albertslund, Denmark- 29.09.07

05 08 07 >

Time again for some news. So far 9 songs have taken it´s final form in our writing process and we still continue to optimize and rearrange various parts here and there in the pursuit to make things as good as possible. We´ve also started to record rythmguitar and it feels good to be ahead of time for once.

We´re also psyched and VERY proud now to be endorsed be SCHECTER guitars. These fine kick-ass guitars will be a part of the future sound in RAUNCHY.

We´ve changed the navigation menu a bit and created a new FORUM as the old fucker simply got spammed (thanks Emil - you rule). Please sign up and become a member.Pictures and updates from the writing process will be posted in the forum very soon.

Don´t miss the chance to see RAUNCHY live at the dates below:

Joch n´Roll Festival, Hameln, Germany - 31.08.07
Stengade 30, Copenhagen, Denmark - 27.09.07
Godzzfest, Kolding, Denmark - 28.09.07
Forbrændingen, Albertslund, Denmark- 29.09.07

Store VEGA (with VOLBEAT & The Bones), Cph. Denmark- 02.12.07

26 04 07 >

Studiotime has been booked. We´ll start the recordings of the next album in february 2008. That means no new RAUNCHY album in 2007. We certainly don´t want to rush things and we´ll just continue to write and do a lot of demoing. At this point we have 7 complete songs for the next album and we´ll be adjusting, and make every aspect of each song as strong, crushing and melodic as possible. Expect a release around april/may 2008.

22 04 07 >

Kasper has posted a blog on our myspace profile regarding our next album. Go ahead and read it all here. We also have a few working titles ready (subject to change):

"Straight to Hell"
"Heavy Burden"
"To the Lighthouse"
"Somewhere Along the Road"
"Western Gutter"
"A Dead Epic"
"Black House, Glass City"
"To Shatter Bliss"
"Get Fighted"

17 03 07 >

A lot of updates has happened on this site so please surf around and take a look. Kasper has also written a nice diary from our beautiful trip to Moscow weeks ago. Read it here.

The writing process towards the next album is progressing as planned and it sure feels good to be back in the smelly old rehearsal room. So far we have completed 4 songs and have at least 5-6 more songs that need some final touches. Stay tuned for more rehearsing/recording info ;-)

08 03 07 >

RAUNCHY will NOT be playing in Eisleben, Germany on march 16. This gig never got confirmed as RAUNCHY couldn´t appear in full line-up for this gig. Sorry you german people... we´ll be back..promise.

This weekend we´ll do a huge update with a nice diary from our recent trip to Moscow. Stay tuned for more news...

29 12 06 >

Merry christmas and happy new year folks. 2006 has been a great year for RAUNCHY with the release and great respons of "Death Pop Romance", great festival appearances, the Soulfly tour, The Danish Dynamite tour, the prizes we won at the DMeA and all the fans who appreciate what we do - thank you.

2007 will start off with more songwriting for album number 4, which hopefully will see the light of day around autumn/winter 2007. Our old label Mighty Music/DRUGS has decided ro re-release the classic debut album "Velvet Noise" in february/march. This re-release will be called "Velvet Noise EXTENDED" and features 4 bonus tracks and new artwork with linernotes...more info here.

So far the first live appearance for 2007 will take RAUNCHY to Moscow, Russia... and more dates will soon be announced.

Pictures from the recent killer trip to Estonia are up here.

08 12 06 >

Once again time for an update. Just finished the The Danish Dynamite tour and it was an absolutely killer tour - so many good impressions and memories. Unfortunately the gig in Vienna was cancelled which was beyond our control - nevertheless we had a day off and watched our buddies in HateSphere play with Exodus - great fun & heavy drinking. We promise to be back in Vienna in 2007 ...don´t despair.

As people experinced on the DD tour we had some stand-ins with us as Jeppe, Jesper, & Jesper couldn´t do this tour. We want to thank our 2 stand-ins: Lars Mayland for doing an incredible job on the guitar and Allan Tvedebrink for playing a killer bass - you guys rule - RESPECT :-) Also a big thank you goes out to: Mads Lydpik (great sound) Tue Bayer (Tue Bayer har fejlet igen) Sarah (over-the-top-tourmanager) Varpi (best merchgirl out there) HateSphere & Volbeat for great times and of course all you crazy bangers who supported us.

While half of the band was on the DD tour we also won the "best artwork" and "best production" at this years Danish Metal Awards - pictures from that night is up here.

If you have any pictures of RAUNCHY from the DD tour please send ´em to: confusionbay@gmail.com Within short time we will be posting pictures from the DD tour.

The final RAUNCHY gig for 2006 takes place in Rakvere, Estonia. We will play at the Green Christmas Festval, december 16. More info here.

27 10 06 >

First up we´re sorry to announce that the gig at Studenterhuset, Odense (DK) has been cancelled - this is beyond our control :-( We also need your vote for the DMeA event as we´re nominated in the category "Best Danish Liveband". Send in your name and adress to DMEA@DANISHMETAL.DK with RAUNCHY in the subject line.

Below are the last RAUNCHY tourdates for 2006.

09.11.2006 Kulisselageret, Horsens (DK)
10.11.2006 TRAIN, Aarhus (DK)
15.11.2006 FLENSBURG (D) Roxy
16.11.2006 DRESDEN (D) Thrillbeats Club
17.11.2006 KAISERSESCH (D) M-Box
18.11.2006 LEEUWARDEN (NL) Romein
19.11.2006 WEERT (NL) Bosuil
20.11.2006 BRAINE L`ALLEUD (B) Acte 3
21.11.2006 NANCY (FR) Austrasique
22.11.2006 BRUNICO (ITA) Ufo Club
23.11.2006 RONCADE (ITA) New Age Club
24.11.2006 OBERENTFELDEN (CH) Boröm Pöm Pöm
25.11.2006 MUENCHEN (D) Backstage @ Metal Hammer Hellfest
26.11.2006 SALZBURG (AT) Rock House
27.11.2006 WIEN (AT) Planet Music
28.11.2006 WUERZBURG (D) B-Hof
29.11.2006 BIELEFELD (D) Movie
30.11.2006 BREMEN (D) Tower
01.12.2006 ESSEN (D) Turock
02.12.2006 AMSTELVEEN (NL) P60
03.12.2006 BERLIN (D) K17
16.12.2006 Green Christmas Festival, Rakvere (EST)

04 10 06 >

We´ve just been confirmed to play at the Green Christmas Festival which takes place in Estonia on the 15-16 of december. Visit the site here:

29 09 06 >

Yesterday we got the news that we´re nominated in 5 categories for this years Danish Metal Awards which takes place november 18 at Amager Bio in Copenhagen, Denmark.

RAUNCHY has been nominated in the following categories:

- Best Metal Album
- Best Metal Track (Phantoms)
- Best Metal Production
- Best Metal Artwork
- Best Metal Liveband

More DMeA info here.

We´re still writing songs for the next album and 2 more songs have been written - so far 9 songs are undergoing "musical surgery" and expect RAUNCHY to enter the studio next year.

01 09 06 >

Below are the final dates for the Danish Dynamite Tour. In other news we can reveal that we have been writing some new songs for a potential 4 record. 7 songs have been written so far and we will do some more demos in the near future. Next RAUNCHY gig will be in Copenhagen at The Rock on October 6.

15.11.2006 FLENSBURG (D) Roxy
16.11.2006 DRESDEN (D) Thrillbeats Club
17.11.2006 KAISERSESCH (D) M-Box
18.11.2006 LEEUWARDEN (NL) Romein
19.11.2006 WEERT (NL) Bosuil
20.11.2006 BRAINE L`ALLEUD (B) Acte 3
21.11.2006 NANCY (FR) Austrasique
22.11.2006 BRUNICO (ITA) Ufo Club
23.11.2006 RONCADE (ITA) New Age Club
24.11.2006 OBERENTFELDEN (CH) Boröm Pöm Pöm
25.11.2006 MUENCHEN (D) Backstage @ Metal Hammer Hellfest
26.11.2006 SALZBURG (AT) Rock House
27.11.2006 WIEN (AT) Planet Music
28.11.2006 WUERZBURG (D) B-Hof
29.11.2006 BIELEFELD (D) Movie
30.11.2006 BREMEN (D) Tower
01.12.2006 ESSEN (D) Turock
02.12.2006 AMSTELVEEN (NL) P60
03.12.2006 BERLIN (D) K17

18 07 06 >


Three of Denmarks Finest Metal bands will be teaming up this Fall for
The Danish Dynamite Tour

This Tour will not only celebrate and showcase Danish Metal, but will also be the first Headlining tour for Hatesphere since releasing their furious Thrash Metal album "The Sickness Within" on SPV Steamhammer.

This will also mark the first ever European Tours for VOLBEAT and RAUNCHY. This will be a tour that should not be missed!! SO DON´T!
DANISH DYNAMITE Tour featuring HATESPHERE, RAUNCHY, VOLBEAT is presented by Go Down Believing & Metal Hammer.

Nov. 15 - Hamburg (D) TBA
Nov. 16 - Dresden (D) Thrillbeats Club
Nov. 17 - Kaisersesch (D) M-Box
Nov. 18 - Leeuwarden (NL) Romein
Nov. 19 - Weert (NL) Bosuil
Nov. 20 - Braine L'alleud (B) Acte 3
Nov. 21 - Nancy (FR) Austrasique 
Nov. 22 - Brunico (ITA) Ufo Club
Nov. 23 - Roncade (ITA) New Age Club
Nov. 24 - Oberentfelden (CH) Boröm Pöm Pöm
Nov. 25 - Muenchen (D) Backstage @ Metal Hammer Hellfest
Nov. 26 - Salzburg (At) Rock House
Nov. 27 - Wien (At) Planet Music
Nov. 28 - Wuerzburg (D) B-Hof
Nov. 29 - Bielefeld (D) Movie
Nov. 30 - Bremen (D) Tower
Dec. 01 - Essen (D) Turock
Dec. 02 - Amstelveen (Nl) P60
Dec. 03 - Berlin (D) K17

13 07 06 >

Finally the pictures from With Full Force 2006 are up here. A big "Thank you" to: Tue Madsen who helped us out on the guitar, Jacob Dinesen for the pictures, Biker for drinking the beer, Rasmus Toftlund for taking care of the sound and all of you who came to the show.

More pictures can be found if you surf around in the "Forum".

08 07 06 >

Bad news for the English people. We will not be playing this years Bloodstock Festival taking place near Birmingham, UK July 14-15. This is beyond our control and we have nothing to do with this last minute cancellation. A brief statement from the festival is "Organisational issues.." read it all here.

We are deeply about this cancellation but several dates for the UK are being worked on which will take RAUNCHY to the UK at the end of this year.

Pictures from the amazing With Full Force Festival will be up next week.

28 06 06 >

In a few days we will be leaving beautiful Copenhagen to play at the With Full Force Festival. We have been looking forward to this for ages now and we can´t wait to get on stage and "kick some ass". As mentioned before Jesper Tilsted cannot make it for the festival and Jeppe also has to cancel his appearance due to unforeseen problems. However we have been rehearsing with producer Tue Madsen who came to rehearse with us last week and we guarantee you that it will rip no matter what. Don´t miss us this coming saturday (July 1) at the mainstage from 14.50-15.25.

Please notice that we will be selling our merchandise from the Lifeforce Tent. We will be hanging around the Lifeforce stand after the show so join us and buy some nice merchandise.

18 06 06 >

Remember that we will be rocking the house with HateSphere & Hatebreed tomorrow at Pumpehuset here in Copenhagen. We will be playing from 21.00 - 21.30 so don´t be late. See ya

06 06 06 >

On this wicked day we can reveal that legendary producer and good friend Tue Madsen of ANTFARM will be filling Jesper Tilsted´s shoes on the With Full Force Festival later this month. Jesper are not able to play so Tue will shred the guitar with the rest of us.

05 06 06 >

Pictures from the SPOT Festival this past weekend are up here. Thanks to the always cool Jacob Dinesen for taking brilliant pictures our ugly mugs. Next up are the show with Hatebreed in Copenhagen - don´t miss this night ;-)

For the danish autumn tour dates we will bring along our good friends in The Downward Candidate.. check ´em out here.

30 05 06 >

We will be playing a small 5 gig-tour around Denmark in oct./nov. this year. We are still planning a European tour so stay tuned and don´t despair. Morten has landed a "in-ear-system"-deal with "Ohrundmore" and he´s very thrilled about this new stunning product.

Please notice that this coming saturday (June 3rd) we will be rocking the SPOT Festival in Aarhus. Don´t miss this show which takes place at Ridehuset from 21.00 - 21.40 CEST.

20 05 06 >

Hey boys & girls. Just got our playing time for the With Full Force Festival in germany. We will play at the mainstage on July 1 from 14.50 - 15.25 - yes it will be absolutely mayhem and we´re looking forward to this - BE THERE!

Last weekend we played 2 great shows in the Netherlands and Germany and we would like to thank our driver: Jacob "Lukumsrenser" Dinesen, Daniel & all the people who came to see us. Pictures can be found here & here.

The "DPR" album has also hit the streets in Japan through Soundholic and contains our version of the classic "Last Christmas" by WHAM.

01 05 06 >

The new album is now released in the US and will soon see the light of day in China/Japan through Soundholic - go buy the album. We have some new shows confirmed:

SPOT Festival - June 3 - Aarhus (DK)
Fredericia Hardcore Festival - August 5 - Fredericia (DK)

We are also working on a DK tour for the autumn/winter as well as a larger European tour in november - more info later. Unfortunately Jesper Tilsted has to cancel his appearance at the With Full Force festival this year but we will bring along a good friend of ours who will help us on this job - some might have heard of this guy before - (yes... he is a producer ;-)

Last but not least Kasper is in the final stages completing the debut album for his other band: The Arcane Order. This record will be released in august through Metal Blade Records.

27 03 06 >

A new LIVE date is ready ! We are playing in Pumpehuset (Cph, DK) with: HATEBREED & HateSphere on June 19. Tickets are available here.

We also want to thank all the people who went to the gigs here in Denmark this past weekend.

24 03 06 >

This weekend we will be destroying Voxhall (Aarhus) and Loppen (Cph). Be there for a full metal assult.

Remember that "DPR" has hit the streets in the US so all you crazy american people - TIME TO SPEND SOME MONEY ;-)

04 03 06 >

Due to unforeseen events beyond our control we are forced to cancel our last two German dates with Soulfly. However a good thing is that we´re confirmed for this years With Full Force Festival !!

02 03 06 >

We are proud to announce that we have entered the official danish top 100 as number 74 this week. In the current issue of Metal Hammer (germany) we are nr. 4 in their soundcheck. Last but not least a few review scores we have gotten lately:

BT (Dk) .................... 5/6
Ekstra Bladet (Dk) ..... 4/6
Gaffa (Dk) ................ 5/6
NRG (Dk) .................. 5/6
Jyllands Posten (Dk) .. 5/6
Heavymetal.dk .......... 10/10
Danishmetal.dk ......... 5/6
Slam-zine.de ............ 9,5/10
Metal Hammer (Ger) .. 5/7
Rock Hard (Ger) ........ 8,5/10
Metal Heart (Ger) ....... 9,5/10
Fire Alive (Italy) ......... 10/10
Helldriver Mag (Ger) ... 5,5/7

.... what are you waiting for - go buy "Death Pop Romance" today ;-)

27 02 06 >

Our man behind the camera (Jacob Dinesen) has put up some nice pictures from the Soulfly tour. Take a look at the links below:




26 02 06 >

Tonight RAUNCHY will be interviewed in Danish National Radio P3. Please tune in between 22.00-23.00 if you want to hear us talking about the new record.

24 02 06 >

We´re back from an absolutely killer tour with Soulfly. Everything was so cool and it was great to promote the new album in front of a huge and very active crowd every night. There are so many impressions from this great journey and we want to thank: Soulfly and crew, Daniel (our tourmanger), Lars Mayland (ik mere fjolletobak), and of course all you crazy fuckers who made this a great experience.

We will bring you alot of pictures from the tour so stay tuned.

Remember that it is tonight we will be celebrating the "Death Pop Romance" here in Copenhagen. The event will take place at Stengade 30 at 20 CET, and you will have the chance to buy merch and our albums.

14 02 06 >

We are leaving Denmark today to play the first show with Soulfly. We are so
much looking forward to this and we will be bringing along some new merch
and also the new cd you will be able to buy. Please notice that we will be
playing every night at 8 PM so be there if you don´t want to miss us
playing. See you germany - we will have a party.

10 02 06 >

We are proud to announce that we will be supporting Soulfly on the german dates starting in a few days. We hope to see some Raunchy heads there!

14.02    KOELN, Live Music Hall
15.02    BREMEN, Aladin
16.02    HAMBURG, Docks
17.02    BERLIN, SO36
18.02    LEIPZIG, Werk 2
19.02    BRAUNSCHWEIG, Jolly Joker
09.03    MUENCHEN, Backstage
16.03    DARMSTADT, Centralstation

31 01 06 >

3 new gigs are confirmed and more to come. Within 2 weeks we will recieve some new cool merch so stay tuned and save your money for some cool RAUNCHY clothing ;-)

25 01 06 >

Pictures from the RAUNCHY/Ill Niño concert is up HERE. Thanks to Dinesen.

22 01 06 >

WOW back from an amazing night with Ill Niño in Pumpehuset, Copenhagen. The Venue was sold out with 800 people and people really made this a night to remember. We want to thank: Lars Mayland, Biker, Ill Niño for a great time & all the crazy fuckers who came and sang along and rocked the house.

Pictures from this great evening will be up soon !!

19 01 06 > 2 BREAKING NEWS !!!


For the release of one of the best and most anticipated metal albums in 2006 Lifeforce Records is offering you a fantastic PREORDER DEAL!

Get the new RAUNCHY album "Death Pop Romance" + a limited RAUNCHY t-shirt, which is only available with this deal + an A2 RAUNCHY poster for EUR 19.99 + shipping only!!!

This deal is only available until the European release date of "Death Pop Romance" on February 20th!

Click here to order


We are also proud to annonce that we will be celebrating the release of "DPR". It will happen Feb. 24th from 20-23 CET. at Stengade 30 in Copenhagen. Come drink with us as we have bought some beers for you.

You will have the oportunity to buy the new album and win exclusive prices. This night you simply cannot miss so put on your boots and head for our release party.

05 01 06 >

Happy new year. We´ll start ´06 by supporting Ill Nino, friday the 20th of january at Pumpehuset, Copenhagen Denmark. The show will start at 21.00 CET. ... be there.

Lifeforce have decided to launch an e-card. Yes, you have the chance to listen to 4 tracks from the "Death pop romance" album here. ENJOY !!

31 12 05 >

First of all a late happy x-mas to all that are browsing these pages. 2005 has been a busy year for us recording the new album and also finding a new label. We hope that 2006 will be a busy year for us where we will be playing tours and also be on the bill for a lot of summer festivals. If you want to see RAUNCHY playing at your favourite festival please vote for us. Right now we will concentrate on setting up some gigs and maybe even shoot a video.

Please notice that "Death pop romance" will be available in Europe on February 20 and in the US sometime in March. Stay heavy and have a wonderful new year. Cheers from; Jesper, Jesper, Morten, Kasper, Jeppe & Lars. ;-)

20 12 05 >

If you feel like promotion RAUNCHY in your neighbourhood you now have the change to sign up for a RAUNCHY streetteam. Please sign up here and you´ll recieve information about the streetteam etc. Let´s build an army.....

Pictures from the DMeA (Danish Metal Awards) is up here.

11 12 05 > BREAKING NEWS !!!

As you may have read in the press RAUNCHY have signed a contract with Lifeforce Records. It´s all true and we´re happy to have teamed up with the LF crew. After months of various label talk we found that Lifeforce would be a good home for RAUNCHY and we´re looking forward to work with LF.

Lifeforce Records will release the new album titled "Death pop romance" the 20th of february 2006. The final tracklist is:

1. This Legend Forever
2. Abandon Your Hope
3. Phantoms
4. The Curse Of Bravery
5. Remembrance
6. Live The Myth
7. City Of Hurt
8. Persistence
9. The Velvet Remains
10. Farewell To Devotion

A brand new song called "Remembrance" from the forthcoming album can be found here. Cover art (made by guitarist Lars Christensen) can be found here.

Stay tuned for more news...

22 11 05 >

Pictures from the Godzzfest (DK) is up here ! Thanks to Mr. Dinesen for capturing some great moments. ;-)

20 11 05 >

Just came back from playing the Godzzfest show and...WOW it was amazing to be back on stage again. People were acting crazy and singing along like never before - thank you so VERY much ;-) We played 3 new songs from the forthcoming album and the respons was amazing.

Next up we are going to play the DMeA show and we´re so excited - BE THERE !

A lot of people have been asking us when the 3rd album will see the light of day and as things are now you can expect the album release in february 2006. Within 2 weeks we will be announcing the future home for RAUNCHY. Stay tuned and take care ;-)

03 11 05 >

On the left you see a banner for the Danish Metal Award event where we will be performing this year. We need your support as we´re nominated in the category "Best live act" so please VOTE IMPORTANT: Remember to write your name and adress for the vote to be valid and to win the DMeA Compilation. You can vote until November 18 23.59 CET. More info on the event here

Tommorrow Morten, Kasper and Lars will attend the Aalborg Metal Festival. We will be DJ´s friday (Nov. 4) from 19.30 so be there if you want to listen to the new record. Take care and see you ;-)

24 10 05 >

RAUNCHY will be playing at this years Danish Metal Awards which takes place November 26 at Amager Bio in Copenhagen, Denmark. Other bands on the bill are: ENTOMBED & As We Fight. RAUNCHY will be playing from 22.00-22.30 CET so be there if you want to hear some new RAUNCHY tunes.

As some may have noticed from the pop-up banner Morten & Lars will be DJ´ing at this years Aalborg Metalfestival. We will simply be playing the new record both friday and saturday at the festival so we hope to see some hungry RAUNCHY-heads banging to the new album.

10 10 05 >

Right now we have 3 jobs before the end of 2005 where we will be playing some new songs. We will be playing at the Godzzfest (DK) with Exodus & HateSphere and at Rytmeposten, Odense (DK). More info will follow on the third gig. We have decided to put up the studio thing again BUT only for a limited period as it gains alot of traffic - download the thing here Stay tuned for more RAUNCHY news and info....

23 09 05 >

1 month since last update - Sorry boys and girls !! We will try to bring you some news more often and let you know about the label situation etc. Still we cannot reveal anything BUT don´t despair ;-) We´ve made a small video (11.50 min) ready for download. It´s a studio teaser thing where you can hear small parts of the new material that will be on the forthcoming record. Smile and enjoy ;-)

23 08 05 >

The new record is 99% done YEAAAHHHH. Just came back from Hansen Studio and the Antfarm Studio with 10 crushing songs. First up we went to Jacob Hansen Studio for 1 week to complete: guitar, vocal and synth, and all the pieces in the puzzle came together exellent. There are Soooo much melody and yet fucking heavy parts on this record - just wait and hear !!! Read a diary here !!! Pictures here

The day after we finished at Jacob´s studio, Morten and Lars went to Antfarm to begin the mixing part of the record. Pictures here - Stay tuned for our label situation as things will progress the following weeks !!!

08 08 05 >

Back again from a great trip to the beautiful Sweden where we played a great gig at the Augusti Buller Festival. We played a new track from our forthcoming album and the respons was amazing. We want to thank: The fans, our crew (Mayland, Pingo, Jesper) and As(s) We Fight for a great experience - damn we got drunk YIHAA.

Pictures from the trip here !!

Today we will start finishing the 3rd album at Hansen Studios and then next monday start mixing the record at ANTFARM in Aarhus (DK). For updates please log in and be a part of our FORUM as we´ll post updates there. Take care and enjoy summer ;-)

01 08 05 >

As promised we have some pictures from the studio ready for you... view here. Remember to read the studio diary here. We have also made ringtones for your cellphone available in the "MEDIA" section - go and personalize your phone with various RAUNCHY themes.

26 07 05 >

Back from the first recording session. Read the studio diary here ! Remember that we are playing the Augusti Buller Festival, Sweden august 5 at 23.30 CEST.

22 06 05 >

Once again we´ve put up the video for "Watch Out"... go to the media section or download here. Sunday, the 3rd of july, we will be heading for the studio to record our next album. In total we´re recording 11 songs filled with

energy, aggression and divine melodies. We hope to bring you pictures, video, and studio updates from our "heavy-metal-holiday" at Jacob Hansen Studios. 666

31 05 05 >

After a lot of interest we have decided to make our covertrack of Faith No More´s "From out of nowhere" ready for download here. This is a special "gift" for those of you who are awaiting the release of our 3rd album. However the song isn´t mastered... but enjoy anyway ;-)

26 05 05 >

Back again after our show with MESHUGGAH which was quite hectic BUT funny.
Some pictures have been added in the "pics" section. 6 weeks from now we will be heading to the studio to record our 3rd album. No agreement has been made yet concerning who will release our material for the future - we don´t want to rush things. Take care ;-)

17 05 05 >

This coming sunday (May 22) we will be supporting MESHUGGAH at Lille VEGA here in Copenhagen, Denmark. The show will start at 20.00 CEST. and so far there are still tickets left - JOIN THE SCENE !!!

09 05 05 >

FINALLY..... back in cyberspace with a brand new website. Please notice that we´re still developing on this site but enjoy ;-)

So what have we been up to lately ?? We have been demoing 9 songs for the 3rd album and we´re still working on 2 songs. It´s amazing for the first time to do demo´s in our rehearsal room - it really gives us the opportunity to hear it over and over again and make some changes. We can´t wait to enter the studio in july to begin the recording of our 3rd "baby".

We will bring some video clips from our pre-production.....stay tuned.

This past weekend we played at Stengade 30 in Copenhagen Denmark, and it was amazing. A big thank you to all the people who came to see us...and a very special thank you to the people who came all the way from, Spain, US and Czech Republic just to see our sorry asses.... IT MEANS A LOT TO US. Pictures from the recent gig will be up tuesday.

We also have some working titles for songs that will be on the coming album (please notice that the titles are temporary):

- Hope divider
- The automation of emotion
- Days forever
- This city we ride
- Hysteria burn
- Farewell to devotion
- The dark hush
- Phantoms
- I will avenge
- Rise phoenix rise
- Red are the flames of hell

Last but not least we´re proud to announce that RAUNCHY will be playing for the first time in Sweden at this years "Augustibuller Festival". Futher information about the festival here.

14 03 05 >

Hello all good people out there. It´s been long time since we´ve been updating our website, but we just wanted to let you know that we´re still alive and very well. ;-) There has been a lot of questions concerning our next album and who will release our future material. Right now we cannot reveal anything but we are in contact with different people so stay tuned and don´t worry....
We have bought ourselves a nice MAC and so far we have recorded guitar and drums for two songs. It´s a slow process but within a month we expect to have several more songs recorded for a demo.

We also want to thank the great audience at Studenterhuset, Aalborg for a great and powerful evening this past weekend. Also a big FUCK YEAH to:

- VOLBEAT (....always nice to play with you lads RESPECT !!)
- Jacob Bredahl/HateSphere (...for screaming his lungs out on "Drive")
- Mike, Kral, Martin/Mercenary (...for singing backing vocals on "Confusion Bay".
- Kenneth (...our handsome driver)
- Jesper "BIKER" Pingel (... roadie number 1 YEAH "fee kagemand")
- Lars Mayland (... our dedicated soundengineer)

Soon we will launch a new site and by that time we will also have our forum fixed. Next up will be gigs in Odense (DK) and Lyngby (DK) this coming weekend so we hope to see some crazy mutha´fuckers around. Stay tuned as we are going to give you updates on our situation.

26 01 05 >

We´re sorry to inform you that the gig at Rock Café in Tallinn, Estonia this coming saturday has been cancelled. The cancellation is beyond our control and we´re deeply sorry that we can´t play for our Estonian fans. DAMN !!

Other news:

RAUNCHY is looking for a new record company !!!

We have to inform you that RAUNCHY is no longer assoiciated with Nuclear Blast Records. We would like to thank Nuclear Blast Records for their work regarding our two albums. No further comments will be available.

We are now looking forward to be working with another record company, who believes in RAUNCHY, and who has the right capacity, understanding, and musical dedication to take care of our music. If everything falls into place within the coming months, our third »baby« will see the light of day before Christmas or early spring next year.

Everything continues as scheduled and promised.

12 01 05 >

Happy new year folks ! We are back in buisness and have started to rehearse again (damn great). Things are starting to shape and so far we have 8 songs.
In the next months we´re going to do some pre-recordings in our rehearsal room where we will add vocal, electronics, keys etc. etc.

A lot of people have been asking us what the next record is going to sound like. Well... that´s a tuff one ;-) All we can say is that it sounds like...ehm RAUNCHY - expect some new things and a lot of melody. In other words it´s going to be: Brutal, melodic, fresh, and a FUCKING heavy-monster.

As stated before we´re teaming up with Mr. Jacob Hansen at his beautiful studio in the middle of nowhere ;-) This time we are going to incorporate Tue Madsen (THE HAUNTED, ILL DISPOSED, CATARACT, MNEMIC etc. etc.) for the mixing part of our yet untitled 3rd album.

Concerning the lyrics on the next album read what singer Kasper has to say:

"As I read a lot of poetry in relation to my work, I have a natural interest in writing lyrics that deal with other things than pussy and whiskey - I like the lyrics on VN and CB because they have a sense of honest humour attached to them and it really generates street credibility in a fuck-off-kind of way: That's very cool in my opinion...The lyrics on the next album are going to be more dark, existentialistic and related to classic themes such as life/death/love/hate... Some will be pure fiction, some will be related to my own life."

Forthcoming gigs:

22 Jan. - THE ROCK, Copenhagen, DK.
29 Jan. - ROCK CAFE, Tallinn, Estonia.



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